Faat Kiné: The Subversion of Colonial-Era Tradition

Mainstream film consciousness often excludes purely African narratives. Films dedicated to the plight of mainland Africans primarily deal with issues such as government corruption, humanitarian abuses, and otherwise traumatic events, which, while they may acutely reflect the socio-political struggles associated with the African experience, do very little to tell the stories of African peoples. My Continue Reading

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Relic: A Triumph of Terror

A daring and delicate debut from director Natalie Erika James, “Relic” is a horror film which is as all consuming as its subject matter. It has now permanently lodged itself into my very psyche with a petrifying precision.

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Crip Camp: Inspiring a New Generation of Disability Activists

It was 1971 in Woodstock, New York when a rickety summer camp for disabled teenagers catalysed the beginning of a groundbreaking revolution, subsequently inspiring a landmark disability rights movement. These teenagers grew up to help forge a path towards equality and political change for disabled people across the United States. Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution Continue Reading

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