Cats is a disaster. Usually, with a movie I dislike, I sugar coat my thoughts with good sentiments or one positive remark. With Cats, I can’t muster up a single positive element. Not only was it a disaster, but it also seems Tom Hopper, the director, isn’t even sure ifContinue Reading

If you’re on film twitter, you know who Clementine Narcisse is, recognizable as @Clemmie. If you don’t know her by her handle, you’ll probably recognize her as the woman who recently amassed over one million views for her Decade in Film edit. Clementine is 16, but her skills are well past her years.Continue Reading

The phrase “follow your dreams” can quickly garner a wave of sighs and eye rolls. The four-syllable slogan has exhausted its life on inspirational posters and Pinterest wallpapers. But Frances Ha takes the phrase and puts a realistic, believable spin on it. When you look up Frances Ha, the movieContinue Reading