In the two years since the premiere of It, the film broke records, became hailed as one of the best Stephen King adaptations and an instant classic not only among horror fans. Director Andy Muschietti became a household name, and so did the cast. Pressure and hype was on It:Continue Reading

Clowns were, are and always will be scary. Pennywise, the antagonist of Stephen King’s It, is no different. He is arguably the second scariest clown of all time. He terrified many in the literary form in the 80s, Tim Curry embodied him in a hit 90s miniseries and now BillContinue Reading

Who would have though that the Fast & Furious will become one of the biggest franchises with over 8 instalments and its own spin-off? Not me, at least. And yet, here we are. Watching a film that proves there is no reason for Fast & Furious to have its own spin-off. Luke Hobbs (DwayneContinue Reading

Netflix recently released the third season of their hit comedy show and it’s more popular than ever before, so there isn’t a better time to look back at the film that started it all. Justin Simien’s 2014 hit of the same name; Dear White People. Winchester is a prestige Ivy LeagueContinue Reading

After the surprisingly good Assassination Nation, I was excited to see with what will Sam Levinson come up next. His film blended social commentary with heightened reality, making it enjoyable to see those characters as they offered a dark mirror to our society.Euphoria takes place in high-school again, but there is noContinue Reading