Jurassic Park is undeniably one of the biggest and most iconic franchises from the past thirty years. After earning billions of dollars worldwide, it becomes ironic that the film that started the franchise in 1993 contains an anti-capitalist message. Jurassic Park criticizes how capitalism views life—particularly through the lives ofContinue Reading

Voyeurism, the practice of taking pleasure in observing something private, is explained by the Freudian theory scopophilia; human instinct of looking. Laura Mulvey extends this theory and adds the “male gaze” term to the academic lexicon. She stresses the cinematic angle of a heterosexual male on a female character andContinue Reading

If you were to take a moment and think of what movies teach us about female friendships, what would you realize? That they teach us to be jealous of each other, that women cant empathise with other women, that we fight over love interests that actually don’t matter as muchContinue Reading

As the end of July approaches, moviegoers are enjoying the earlier summer blockbusters from May and June while anticipating the ones that are still yet to come. While it is easy to associate the box office of these months with superhero movies, particularly those from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, thatContinue Reading

Pride Month for any cinephile translates to immediately binge-watching any LGBT movies that are within reach. While it’s easy to focus solely on modern films about these relationships, their classic counterparts shouldn’t be ignored because they have their own stories to tell, especially during a time of less acceptance. AsContinue Reading