Shorts are an integral part of the film ecosystem that’s much too often overlooked or dismissed. 2019 offered multiple great ones of all genres, budget sizes, from well-known directors and total beginners alike. The following list presents a few attention deserving films, most of which are available for everyone eitherContinue Reading

Great music videos were few and far between this year, despite the plethora of fantastic albums. That said, 2019 had a hard task following last year, which saw Apeshit and This Is America, both of which could compete for video of the decade. After shifting through tons of material, IContinue Reading

Cats is a disaster. Usually, with a movie I dislike, I sugar coat my thoughts with good sentiments or one positive remark. With Cats, I can’t muster up a single positive element. Not only was it a disaster, but it also seems Tom Hopper, the director, isn’t even sure ifContinue Reading

The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show was one of my most anticipated watches of the 2019 holiday season. This star-studded, brightly colored celebration of music and holiday cheer premiered during Thanksgiving weekend, just in time for everyone to finally get into the spirit after their turkey-induced haze. Kacey Musgraves is noContinue Reading

“Eyes are windows to the soul,” they say. Truly, by just looking into Taika Waititi’s big playful chocolate eyes, you can see pastel, never-ending sparkles of creativity. Behind those bright, countless pineapple shirts and rich, spirally black curls lies a magical visionistical wonderland; the world build on the bases ofContinue Reading