Susan Johnson’s 2018 adaptation of the bestselling novel To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before took teenage romcom fantasies of the past decades and freshened them up for an emotionally resonant story, making it a hit among audiences. Both genuine and genuinely funny, the film’s lovestruck heroes made it easyContinue Reading

A second-generation Asian-American lauded video essayist for Sight and Sound, Kogonada has rolled the dice as a filmmaker, with the evocative critically acclaimed drama, Columbus. In the age of modernism, contemporary art has been sought as a stirring space for expression, imagination and escape. The film exhibits an individual’s nowadaysContinue Reading

A lot changes in forty years when it comes to the world’s philosophical outlook. This film, recently marking its 40th anniversary, is ready for another viewing with this month’s Criterion release. It came out, however, in a very different era, one where film censorship was an issue that kept croppingContinue Reading