Recently, I was lucky enough to catch an advanced screening of Noah Baumbach’s anti-romantic dramedy “Marriage Story”, starring Adam Driver (Charlie) and Scarlet Johannson (Nicole) as divorcees navigating their separation and complications surrounding the custody of their young son. To simplify it to the extreme, it’s “Kramer vs Kramer” forContinue Reading

We’ve seen it with The Goldfinch and The King; Director/actor Edward Norton’s latest film proves that 2019 really isn’t the year for book-to-film adaptations with a runtime over 140 minutes.  Lionel Essrog (Edward Norton), a lonely private detective, is anything but normal. He twitches uncontrollably, says random things, and his headContinue Reading

Leave your politics at home; this Palestinian film doesn’t ask you to have an opinion on the conflict. All it wants for the world is merely to watch.  In It Must Be Heaven, Elia Suleiman finds witty parallels between his home and the rest of the world. The film isContinue Reading

The 1991 school year has only just begun in Madrid, but the days of falling asleep at desks and staring out windows won’t last for long. Paco Plaza’s 2017 Spanish-language horror film Verónica, follows the eponymous teen protagonist as she joins her friends for a secret séance on the dayContinue Reading

Audiences are bound to notice similarities between this film and last year’s Outlaw King or Kingdom of Heaven, as well as multiple parallels to the style and structure of Game of Thrones. Unlike the aforementioned, this medieval epic doesn’t hold its sword proudly, rather limping like a wounded soldier seeminglyContinue Reading

Taika Waititi’s latest film, a World War II satire following a young, lonely German boy reimagines an era in history through comedy, without erasing the ugliness of war. As its release expands worldwide, it continues to thrive at the box office, and rightfully so.   Waititi’s follow up to Thor: RagnarokContinue Reading