Following my viewing of the trailer for Maniac, I immediately knew the importance this show would have in my life. Initially, I had doubts about the show displaying realistic portrayals of mental health, especially through a botched drug trial, but it proved me wrong. Maniac has now become one ofContinue Reading

(This article contains spoilers!) The Haunting of Hill House (2018) is a horror television show based on the novel by Shirley Jackson and directed by Mike Flanagan. It follows the twisted story of the Crain family and the supernatural events surrounding them. This and the tragedy that tore them apartContinue Reading

We have all witnessed our favorite shows slowly decline after two, three seasons ; plot, storylines and character developments that used to be so entertaining gradually turning into something basic and boring. In honor of GLOW and its third season that just came out (August 9), let me do thisContinue Reading