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White Lie: How a Lie Can Ruin a Life

In this stellar character-driven feature, Kacey Rohl plays the role of a young college student…

ByByAubrey CarrDecember 19, 2020

Promising Young Woman: A Sharp Tale That Cuts Through Rape Culture With A Comedic Edge

TW: Rape and Sexual Assault If it hasn’t been made abundantly clear from its marketing…

ByByNicholas McCutcheonDecember 14, 2020

Notes from the 2020 Virginia Film Festival: Gather and Boys State

Like many festivals in 2020, the Virginia Film Festival, based in Charlottesville, adopted a blend…

ByByEmma WardDecember 11, 2020

PFF 2020: ‘Sound of Metal’ Provides a Moving Insight into the Deaf Community

Sound of Metal (2020) is probably not the film you think it is. At least,…

ByBydan kinsleyDecember 5, 2020

Mogul Mowgli: A Raw and Emotional Window Into Cultural Identity and Artistry

Few artists have the ability to control an adoring crowd from an eruption of screams…

ByByconor murrayDecember 4, 2020

Rebecca: Last Night I Dreamt They Didn’t Remake Rebecca Again

One of the most iconic lines in literature is the opening of Rebecca, as Mrs de Winter…

ByBySam HoweNovember 26, 2020

PFF 2020: ‘Jumbo’ Explores a Whirlwind Romance as You’ve Never Seen it Before

Jumbo (2020) is the story of a young woman who falls in love with a…

ByBydan kinsleyNovember 25, 2020

Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful Explores the Legacy of an Infamous Photography Rebel

During his life, Helmut Newton was as revered as he was reviled for his provocative,…

ByBybeca dalimonteNovember 24, 2020

Lucky Grandma: A New Standard For The Modern Heist Film

The bustling streets of New York are home to millions who embrace the close-knit neighborhoods…

ByByNicholas McCutcheonNovember 20, 2020

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A Nightmare Wakes (2017) is an interesting film, taking a look at the life of…

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GFF 2021: ‘Da Capo’ is the New Coming-of-Age Music Film to Fall in Love With

For this year’s Glasgow Film Festival, there was a category of films purely dedicated to…

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RUTH – Justice Ginsburg in her Own Words: A Candid Look at the Career of an American Icon

If you are even remotely concerned when it comes to any kind of equality, then…

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GFF 2021: ‘Poppy Field’ Leaves with Very Little Resolution or Impact

Having its UK premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival and soon to show at the…

ByByAmy SmithMarch 6, 2021

Scratch Cinema Podcast: Getting Through the Golden Globes

On today’s podcast, hosts Chase & Quinelle recap the Golden Globes. All the glitz and glamour, the corruption and…

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Cobra Kai Season 3: A Winning Combination Of Drama And Nostalgia

Spoilers ahead for Cobra Kai seasons 1-3 Cobra Kai (2018-present) returned for its third season…

ByByNicole SanacoreMarch 2, 2021

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