End of the awards season is marked with the Oscars, the most prestigious and anticipated movie awards when fans around the world get together and celebrate the medium. Among the many categories are also awards for Best Screenplay, either original and adapted. In the Adapted category movies The Irishman, Jojo Rabbit, Little Women, Joker and The Two Popes were nominated. Given the age we’re in, up-and-coming and established filmmakers alike are presented with the opportunity to read through what are supposedly the best scripts of the year. You can find all of them linked below.

The Irishman

Martin Scorsese’s 3 and a half hour mob epic about Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran and his possible involvement in the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa is nothing short of epic. Based on the book I Heard You Paint Houses by Charles Brandt, screenwriter Steven Zaillian (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) does a great job of conveying the scale of this grand story spanning decades over 140 pages. 

You can read the script here.

credit: Netflix

Jojo Rabbit

One of the most charming and witty comedy writers on the scene right now is Taika Waititi who finally got some well deserved credit from the Academy. Jojo Rabbit is a self-proclaimed anti-hate satire about a young boy in nazi Germany and his best (imaginary) friend, Adolf Hitler. Taika not only wrote and directed the film, but he also plays the führer himself. Adapted from Caging Skies by Christine Leunens, Taika blends serious ideas with his signature oddball humour. 

You can read the script here.

credit: TSG Entertainment

Little Women

Lady Bird, director Greta Gerwig’s debut from three years ago was one of the most well-written movies of the year. She follows it up with an adaptation of the iconic Little Women, which is by all accounts as good, if not better, than the previous one. Gerwig has a talent for realistic writing, much in the vein of her partner Noah Baumbach, while also infusing it with a level of dreaminess that makes the story feel both real and cinematically romantic at the same time.

You can read the script here.

credit: Columbia Pictures


By far the most controversial film on this list is Todd Phillips’ Joker. You’ve seen the warnings about the film. You’ve seen the extreme reactions, both good and bad. You’ve hopefully seen the film itself and made your own opinion. The script, co-written by Scott Silver (8 Mile) had a tough job of updating the character and story, while still keeping the necessary key elements, while also differentiating itself from the five (!!) other film version of the character. That’s not an easy task and you can see for yourself whether the screenplay achieved it right here.

credit: Warner Bros.

The Two Popes

Anthony McCarten’s The Two Popes is bound to be the most underrated film on this list, possibly of all the nominees. The story that’s largely based on conversation between the leaders of the Catholic Church proves as one of the most engaging, thoughtful and even witty films of the year. Similarly to Theory of Everything, his previous effort, McCarten is able to take larger-than-life characters and make them down-to-earth reliable people.

You can read the script here.

credit: Netflix

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