End of the awards season is marked with the Oscars, the most prestigious and anticipated movie awards that give fans around the world a chance to get together and celebrate the medium. Among the many categories are also awards for Best Screenplay, either original and adapted. In the Original category movies Marriage Story, Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood, 1917, Parasite and Knives Out were nominated. Given the age we’re in, up-and-coming and established filmmakers alike are presented with the opportunity to read through what are supposedly the best scripts of the year. You can find most of them linked below.

Note: As of writing this, we were not able to get ahold of the script for Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood and thus the film is excluded from the list.

Marriage Story

The beauty of Marriage Story is that the film takes a story of a couple going through divorce, one we’ve seen hundreds times before and through clever writing and powerful performances makes it refreshing and engaging to watch. Writer-director Noah Baumbach has been writing humane stories with some of the most incredible and realistic dialogue of the past few years and while Marriage Story may not be Baumbach’s best (for that check out the black and white gem that’s Frances Ha), but is certainly highlights all his writing talents.

You can read the script here.

credit: Netflix


Two years ago the world commemorated 100 years since World War I, one of the most brutal and destructive conflicts in the history, ended. Despite how impactful the situation was, there aren’t many films set in this period, opposed to the more well-known WWII. Last year seemed to change that, as audiences got a beautiful documentary They Shall Not Grow Old on the lives of British soldiers as well as 1917, a war film made in one-take. Sam Mendes is an underrated director who manages to outdo himself with almost every effort, bringing cinematic experiences that are becoming far too rare in the mainstream landscape. Thankfully, 1917 seems to be one of said experiences largely thanks to the tension-filled script co-written by Krysty Wilson-Cairns.

You can read the script here.

credit: Amblin


Ever since Parasite premiered at Cannes, it has been the film of 2019, earning standing ovations and praises everywhere it went. Parasite is a meticulously written movie that works on multiple levels as a unique genre-blend, not quite like anything else. Director Bong Joon-Ho and co-writer Jin Won Han wrote a film that not only gets better after every viewing, but requires them in order for the audience to catch every detail present. 

You can read the script here.

credit: Barunson

Knives Out

The fun of Knives Out, or any whodunnit for that matter, lies not only in the mystery itself but also in the colourful cast of the characters, all of whom could have done it. Rian Johnson’s Knives Out fits this criteria perfectly as it presents us quite literally with a bunch of colourful characters (oh, the costumes), all of whom feel distinctively themselves by the end. It may not be the tightest film on the list, due to the multiple ideas it packs not all of which feel important or necessary, but Johnson flipped the decade old formula on its head in the most entertaining way possible.

You can read the script here.

credit: Lionsgate

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