Its been one month since Host premiered, what does Director Rob Savage think of his film being the breakout horror hit of the summer? With Robert Pattinson getting coronavirus, can film production resume? Should you see Disney's Mulan?

On today’s podcast, Chase and Quinelle conduct a fascinating interview then talk through a big week for movies.

You can find a transcript of the podcast here.

00:40 – Intro
2:58 – Talking Host With Director Rob Savage
30:31 – More Host Talk
33:08 – Are Film Productions Safe?
44:02 – John Boyega Takes No Prisoners
52:00 – Mulan
54:19 – Feels Good Man
56:54 – I’m Thinking of Ending Things
58:13 – Remembering Chadwick Boseman
1:00:50 – Conclusion

Next week we discuss Hulu’s Woke.