Is Tenet about 9/11? Why is Interstellar the best Nolan film? Is Homecoming season 2 good?

In this special episode of the podcast, Editor in Chief Pollyjo Frantz joins Chase for the first part of the podcast and then the second part has Quinelle come back to break down all the watching she’s been doing.

00:40 – Intro Part 1
01:04 – Talking Tenet
04:55 – Best of Christopher Nolan
20:14 – Intro Part 2
22:32 – Hollywood
27:34 – Haggling Over Homecoming
58:56 – ‘The High Note‘ and ‘The Vast of Night
1:03:53 – Conclusion/Preview of Next Week

Next week we discuss She-Ra, Ramy, and the new Elisabeth Moss film “Shirley.”

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