We’ve seen it with The Goldfinch and The King; Director/actor Edward Norton’s latest film proves that 2019 really isn’t the year for book-to-film adaptations with a runtime over 140 minutes.  Lionel Essrog (Edward Norton), a lonely private detective, is anything but normal. He twitches uncontrollably, says random things, and his headContinue Reading

Audiences are bound to notice similarities between this film and last year’s Outlaw King or Kingdom of Heaven, as well as multiple parallels to the style and structure of Game of Thrones. Unlike the aforementioned, this medieval epic doesn’t hold its sword proudly, rather limping like a wounded soldier seeminglyContinue Reading

Premiered earlier this year at Sundance, “Monos” is Colombia’s official entry for this year’s Oscar race for “Best Foreign Language” category and rightfully so because the film is stunningly gorgeous. Alejandro Landes’ feature is definitely one of the best cinematic experience of 2019. “Monos” tells the story of a groupContinue Reading