The loss of identity and privacy are truly scary concepts and horror films are finally taking a hold of it, reflecting our real fears. Unfortunately for Wounds, Armie Hammer getting spooked by a lost phone isn’t one. Will (Armie Hammer), is a barman at a New Orleans pub called Rosie’s.Continue Reading

Adaptations of Stephen King stories are all the rage in the world of horror nowadays. Just in the past three years, we’ve seen nine King adaptations, four in this year alone (Pet Sematary, Doctor Sleep, It: Chapter Two and In the Tall Grass). The latter one is the newest NetflixContinue Reading

As I sat down in my film class after having seen It: Chapter Two the previous weekend, I was astonished to hear my classmate relay that he hated horror and found it to be predictable, campy even. I sat through the subsequent screening of The Thin Man (W.S. Van Dyke,Continue Reading